Industrial Meshes for Sand Control Screens - Monitoring & Testing

Modern petroleum exploration technologies operate with filtration technologies that are actually put through in the well. As a basic component of these sand control screens, SolidWEAVE stainless steel mesh is used for the filtration because they meet the most extreme requirements.

GKD Sand Control Mesh: Robust, Consistently Stable, Controlled Quality

  • Sand control meshes from GKD are purposely designed for stability in order to fulfill the toughest mechanical requirements.
  • The exceptional metal mesh types made of stainless steel guarantee consistently stable use; their retention rate remains stable even under extreme stresses and strains.
  • All GKD sand control meshes are subjected to extensive tests during the production process in order to ensure the high quality requirements.

Customized Manufacturing Processes and Development Collaborations
SolidWEAVE sand control meshes pass through a variety of processes, from cleaning to thermal treatment. GKD supplies them in shapes and finishes that make it possible to incorporate them smoothly into the finishing processes at the customer's location.

The individual character of the geological conditions requires precisely customized sand control filter media. For this purpose, GKD collaborates with end users and component suppliers to develop specifically adapted metal meshes and solutions for sand control screens.