Industrial Meshes For Sieving Technology / Sieving - Manufacturing, Other

For sieving of finest solids, precision and quality are the critical success factors for efficiency and process reliability. SolidWEAVE metal wire meshes for sieving technology have a consistent mesh accuracy that is within appreciably narrower limits than the prevailing DIN/ISO 9044 standard.

High Mesh Accuracy, Mesh Stability, Availability

  • Narrow mesh accuracy tolerance limits for reliable sieving results
  • High mesh stability and durability for long service life
  • High availability of sieving mesh product up to 3 m wide in stock

Custom Solutions, Full Service
GKD sieving meshes made of stainless steel wire are used where the most challenging applications call for advanced technology, whether in customized production or in the screening service for sieves, which GKD also provides.

Specifically oriented to the application profile, we supply all typically available standard specifications for wire meshes in the area of sieving technology.