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It is imperative confidential data, in the form of paper or computer hard drives, remains confidential – forever. Any reconstruction must be impossible – to preserve confidence or to fulfill statutory provisions. In this field WEIMA is your partner of trust!  In order to select the optimum model and rotor for your application an indepth discussion is essential to establish the correct application of shredding technology. WEIMA shredders process all kinds of files: documents, treasury notes, swipe cards, information on Compact Discs, DVD’s, hard drives, footage or tape. Depending on security level or granulate size, the material can be shredded in a single-stage or two-stage process.


A briquetting system option can be included to create paper briquettes and to also recover airborne dust fragments. We have a long standing experience with notable references in the field of data destruction which we offer as a presentation.

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