Industrial shredders system for plastic shredding sector - Plastics & Resins

Plastic is a versatile material. Characteristics range from tough polymer structures to extra-firm high-tech materials. Efficient size reduction requires experience and know-how. We are able to customise our machine designs to be suit your requirements, for example; process configuration, footprint and throughput, thereby creating the optimum solution.

WEIMA plastic shredders offer various types of rotor, knives and cutting technologies. They are able to process the broad range of thermoplastic resins including; PE, PP, PVC, PS, PU and PET, as well as thermosetting plastics and elastomers. Even large and voluminous hollow parts, long pipes and profiles, massive plastic lumps, purgings and other plastic process waste including; PET bottles, fibres, foil laminate, insulating material, flooring, boxes and bins are easily managed by a WEIMA shredder. Feel free to ask us – we will be happy to advise you.