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Industrial solutions for cooling water contamination - Water and Wastewater

Problem: Large quantities of water are used for cooling in industrial manufacturing. To prevent scaling, corrosion and biofilm in the cooling system, inhibitors and biocides are regularity dosed. Make-up water is continuously added to the system to balance the loss of water from evaporation. As water is added, the concentration of chemicals is diluted and the quality of water changes.

Continuous monitoring of organic matter (TOC) in make-up water to a cooling system provides an early warning of poor quality water or contaminated water that may reduce the efficiency of the cooling system. UV-VIS spectral analysis is also very well suited for monitoring specific cooling chemicals, such as nitrate-based inhibitors, to ensure concentration is maintained in the system.

  • Real-time monitoring of the makeup water for elevated organics levels
  • Detection of leaks at the heat exchanger
  • Optimization of chemical dosage
  • Decreased biological growth in the cooling tower from minimal organic matter
  • Sufficient chlorine residual
  • Improved efficiency due to limited corrosion