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Industrial solutions for the leak tester - Monitoring and Testing - Leak Detection

A number of industries such as automotive parts (e.g. engine blocks, air bags, etc.), medical equipment (e.g. catheters) and food packaging rely on various verification tests to ensure that such critical parts are leak proof. Industrial leak testing benefits from high speed and excellent repeatability offered by the Axetris mass flow meters. Axetris leak tester customers call it “fast repeatability”.

Leak test stations based on Axetris mass flow solutions ensure a sure and fast recognition of defective parts. The high speed is achieved thanks to the proprietary platinum-based MEMS technology, with its quick reaction time and low pressure drop. The robust design ensures that flow and pressure pulses don’t destroy the sensor or adversely influence its repeatability.

The Axetris mass flow meter modules of the MFM 2000 and 2200 series are the perfect choice if you can install them in your instrument. For applications outside of a protective housing, we recommend the use of the MFC 2100 series.

Also important: Mass flow-based leak testing has clear advantages compared to pressure decay-based leak testing. In general it is faster because the required measuring time does not depend on the size of the volume to be tested.

Axetris mass flow solutions offer the following advantages for use in industrial leak testers:

  • Fast repeatability
  • Robust packaging
  • Low pressure drop
  • Ultra compact size