Axetris AG

Industrial solutions for the thin film coating - Monitoring and Testing

Thin film deposition processes, e.g. reactive PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), require a repeatable gas flow of the reactive gas to ensure reproducible film properties. With its industry-leading repeatability of < ± 0.15% FS and very small long term drift the Axetris MFC 2100 series supports you in making your equipment stable and easy to use for your customer.

The small size of the MFC 2100 series allows you to mix gases either outside or inside of the process chamber. It allows you also to build very compact distribution manifolds to ensure a uniform gas distribution in the chamber, thereby achieving uniform layer properties.

Customers who want to build their own mass flow controllers to optimize their system design or to protect their intellectual property, can rely upon Axetris products such as the mass flow controller modules (MFC 2200 series) or the mass flow meter modules (MFM 2200 series).