MIOX Corporation - Johnson Matthey`s Water Technologies

Industrial wastewater treatment for industries

MIOX is the lowest cost supplier of chlorine for disinfection and oxidation of wastewater prior to discharge. Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) chemistry is more effective at biofilm control, Biochemical and Chemical oxygen demand removal (BOD/COD), breakpoint chlorination of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal.

On-site chemical generation replaces delivered chlorine at a cost lower than delivered chlorine.

Improved safety over delivered chemicals and chlorine gas.

Technology is used as a replacement for delivered bleach or other biocides industrial wastewater applications. Most often, MIOX on-site generated chemistries are dosed prior to plant final discharge to reduce chemical oxidant demand (COD) or BOD. On-site generation may also be dosed prior to other process equipment used for enhanced wastewater treatments, such as clarifiers, for algae control, metals oxidation, or destruction of other inorganic contaminants such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). MIOX chemistries are generated on-site and dosed prior to discharge.