Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

Industrial Weighing - Statistical Process and Quality Control

Under-filling is illegal! Overfilling does not pay. The quality of industrial filling processes varies from `stable and easy to control` to `high scatter and difficult to control`. METTLER TOLEDO has a suitable SPC or SQC system to ensure systematic monitoring and control of your filling processes, regardless of the difficulty, helping you to maintain process compliance and to control waste through overfilling.

Sampling of the fill quantities of liquid, pasty, powdery or solid products immediately following filling allows precise adjustment through operator prompting or closed loop control to the filler from a dynamic checkweigher. Unnecessary material losses are avoided, legal fill quantities and net weight regulations are met. Products remain in conformance with internal and external standards like ISO and GMP – our stand- alone or integrated systems give you the statistical data you need to understand, document and control your profitability. Freeweigh.Net allows you to connect virtually any device for instant data collection, analysis and action.


SQC for stable and easy to control processes

As a compact single station application or as an element in the network of your QA system, it records your production data. Your processes are clearly documented and traceable thanks to their data storage.


SPC for drifting processes

With manual or automatic control and trend control. Trends of the product weight are monitored at regular intervals. Deviations in the filling process are identified and sent either manually or by a control pulse to the filling installation: Statistical Process Control.


100% inspection with dynamic checkweighers for high scatter

The checkweigher can be integrated in your production and checks all products without exception. TU1 violations are limited to the legally admissible percentage through sorting. TU2 violations are discarded completely. The computer-aided trend control automatically corrects drifts of your filling machine.