Inspectahire Instrument Company Ltd.

Inspection equipment for physical asset maintenance - Manufacturing, Other

Safety and cost are two of the biggest concerns in industry today. At Inspectahire we realise this and aim to minimise the effect of them both. We do this by using the latest inspection technology which can either be operated remotely or if the requirements allow, by man.


Ensuring your assets are structurally sound and well maintained is important as the implications can be far reaching. However, at times you may wonder how you should go about doing that due to their size, shape, environment or location. Since we were established in 1981 we have gained significant international multi-industry experience carrying out inspections on oil rig legs, buildings and the Forth Rail Bridge.

Whether it is a groundwater flow measurement, a CCTV tractor, an ROV, a borescope or a thermal imaging camera, we have an extensive list of equipment which can be used for undertaking inspections on all sorts of surfaces and at all sorts of angles. Remote visual inspection technology can be used as part of a programme of planned maintenance which can provide long-term benefits.

With inspection experience underwater, on water, underground, on ground and above ground, there are few places our equipment can’t reach. We offer equipment rental, contracting and project engineering services and our inspection technology and methods aim to minimise disruption and downtime.

Inspectahire is committed to being progressive in the application of new technology and developing innovative processes and services to remain a market leader of inspection services.