Pure Technologies - a Xylem brand

Inspection, Monitoring and Management Technologies for Oil & Gas Industry

Failures to oil and gas pipelines can have severe environmental consequences and cost billions of dollars to rectify. Because of this, safety regulations governing these pipelines are becoming more stringent and visible.

Because of growing oil and gas pipeline regulations, operators are implementing thorough integrity programs that ensure leaks and failures do not occur.

Integrity programs that combine structural condition assessment with regular and accurate verification of containment surveys significantly reduce the risk of failure while extending the useful life of thepipeline asset.

By utilizing verification from containment tools that identify very small losses, oil and gas pipeline operators can identify and repair problems at an early stage in their development. This is important as small pipeline leaks can eventually lead to failure.

Through a diverse and comprehensive integrity program, oil and gas operators can reduce the risk of pipe failure. Click the links below to learn more about Pure’s oil and gas solution and how it fits into a complete pipeline integrity program.