Pure Technologies - a Xylem brand

Inspection, Monitoring and Management Technologies for Water Transmission Main Management

Water transmission mains are buried underground, and therefore often managed using a buried and forgotten approach. However, they are typically the most valuable group of assets utility owns.

Several industry studies indicate that water infrastructure around the world is aging and reaching the end of its design life, requiring substantial capital investment over the next few decades. The largest portion of this investment is needed to upgrade and renew buried pipelines. Due to the significant cost of replacing this infrastructure and the fact that up to 90 percent of the pipe replaced has remaininguseful life, better management strategies are emerging.

Through thousands of miles of water transmission main condition assessment, Pure has found that pipe distress is localized, often randomly distributed, and typically not dependent on the age of the asset. Instead of replacing entire systems, utilities can safely and cost-effectively manage these assets while increasing service reliability.

A proactive transmission main management program, including a risk-based condition assessment strategy, has proven effective in safely and reliably extending the life of these assets all while minimizing cost to the utility. To help utilities manage their water transmission systems, Pure has developed a number of innovative solutions for condition inspection, structural assessment, real-time monitoring, and pipeline data management.