Inspection of flow measuring equipment for hydraulic inspection - Water and Wastewater

Definition of Task: Metrologic inspection of flow measuring equipment according to German self-control ordination (EKVO). Inspection of flow measurement at relevant discharge point according to German regulations.

Planning / Conception

  • Gathering of information on flow measuring equipment prior to tendering
  • Visual inspection of flow measuring equipment
  • Inspection concept considering local conditions
  • Definition of measurement points considering accessibility and hydraulic conditions
  • Planning of work to be undertaken, selection of measuring systems and securing of stationary conditions


  • Assessment of flow measurement place under operating conditions regarding hydraulic conditions and measurement range.
  • Check-up of relevant dimensions.
  • Inspection of transmission and recording of readings.
  • Installation of comparative measurement system for flow verification.
  • Comparative measurement utilising various operating conditions in order to detect the relative deviation.
  • Documentation of inspection.


  • Verification of data and plausibility
  • Evaluation of discharge hydrograph during control measuring period
  • Investigation of relative and absolute deviation from verification value

Data Handover

  • Report on implementation of inspection: documentation of all applicable flow measuring equipment data as well as inspection methods and inspection results.
  • Result: the relative deviation from check values of verified flow areas is within the limits of permissible errors.
  • Two copies of inspection certificate.