Hyflux Membranes

Integrated Environmental Solutions for food and beverage industry - Food and Beverage

State-of-the-art Technology for Food Processing. Food and beverage manufacturers face a complex and constantly evolving industry due to dynamic changes in regulations, customer preferences and market conditions. Notwithstanding stringent hygiene requirements, F&B manufacturers are also forced to minimise their water footprint and comply with strict wastewater discharge regulations in the interest of long term water sustainability.

Membrane technology holds great promise in reducing energy consumption and chemical usage while ensuring consistent water quality. Our diverse membrane offerings cater to various needs in the water usage spectrum of the F&B industry, including water production for food processing and waste water treatment. As a system design expert, our solutions ensure efficient, low cost operations.

Modern energy saving applications favour the usage of membrane filtration over traditional evaporation techniques. Processes such as milk protein concentration, fractionation for cheese and whey, and cold sterilisation of skimmed and whole milks for extended shelf life are currently using membranes for their processes.
Sugars and Syrups
Hyflux's FerroCep® stainless steel membranes are extremely efficient for clarification and sterilisation of juices from cane sugar and sugar beets, as well as prefiltration for ion exchange resins prior to crystalisation and evaporation.

Distillation and Breweries
Traditional beer processing techniques employ centrifuge and gravitative sedimentation to remove yeast and protein. Innovative membrane technology retains the right flavor, brightness and colour, while effectively and efficiently removing bacteria, protein, yeast, moulds, spores in raw beer faster than traditional methods.
Juice Clarification and Concentration
FerroCep® membranes are a promising application for the clarification of raw fruit and vegetable juices. It removes proteins, suspended colloids, polyphenolic compounds, starch, pectin and microorganisms from natural fruit juice, enhancing the colour and taste, at reduced chemical usage.
Wastewater Treatment for Discharge
Wastewater must be treated to meet very strict effluent discharge limits. Hyflux’s Containerised MBR Systems are ideal for the wastewater treatment application that minimises footprint and ensures 100% compliance to the discharge limits.
Process Water for Reuse
Hyflux’s expertise in wastewater management and process water recovery for reuse allows F&B companies to save millions of dollars per year and conserve fresh water. The beverage sector especially is increasingly motivated to reuse process waters for boilers, evaporators, and chillers.