Integrated real-time gas analysis solution for specialty gases industry - Air and Climate

CIC Photonics’ extensive experience with gas analysis has also included what the industry refers to as Specialty Gases, as distinguished from Semi Gases, Electronic Specialty Gases, and Industrial Gases. Specialty Gases are high purity gases used across many applications by researchers, by government agencies, and by commercial businesses. Included among these users and applications are: hospitals for medical gases; environmental labs and testing companies for blends of protocol gas mixtures; calibration gases; spectroscopy standards; gas composition measurements and confirmations; and others.

Whether the application is for purity measurements or for composition determinations, FTIR GAS Analyzers have proven to be a viable tool. Often in composition with NDIR and GC-MS, FTIR offers simultaneous measurements of multiple gas species and non-destructive testing for broad concentration ranges and with LODs at the ppb-ppm level.

The IRGAS-SUPR, IRGAS-LPA, and EP-IRGAS are especially well matched to the Specialty Gas applications, allowing users with the choice of a MB3000, WorkIR, or EP-IR spectrometer.