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Integrated water solutions for greywater sector - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

The Recover Residential Water Recovery System from BioMicrobics treats and recycles shower water (gray water) for automatic toilet flushing; potentially reducing water consumption 20 – 30% in the home or building. “Recover” even more with the BioBarrier GWMBR system! Water is often thought of as an infinite resource that can be replenished over time. Water shortages and outages in the world’s major cities serve as a stark reminder of the importance of conserving potable water. Using greywater treatment devices and systems will help lower the property’s water consumption and improve water availability.


“With Americans using an estimated 127 percent more water today than we did in 1950, businesses and municipalities are in a good position to demonstrate the importance of optimizing water use. As water treatment technologies advance, such initiatives are not only good for the environment — they’re also good for the bottom line. ” ~ MediaPlanet, Greywater: The Future of Water

Advanced Greywater Treatment for Onsite Recycling Applications:

Residential onsite water recycling can have significant potential benefits beyond utility bills for homeowners.

Nested within a greater market for residential water conservation, BioMicrobics is focused to provide simple and inexpensive Advanced Greywater Treatment Technologies to be ideal in developing nations and remote locations. These developed countries will require a reliable advanced devices aimed at household water conservation.

Please note, most guidelines state that greywater must be treated and disinfected prior to reuse.  The built-in safety features not only protect public health but go beyond the product standard requirements. The systems fall under “water efficiency” sections of “Green-building” Programs. In addition, most green-building “Water Efficiency Guidelines” requires a “whole-facility” review of how the home/building currently uses water, from the faucets in bathrooms to current irrigation practices.