BioMicrobics, Inc.

Integrated water solutions for stormwater industry - Water and Wastewater - Stormwater

For Consistent Removal of Stormwater Pollutants from Runoff and on Impervious Surfaces. Our FITT-for-Purpose treatment approach to physically and naturally reduce pollutants out of storm water flows are low in energy use (no electrical components) and easy to maintain.


Stormwater treatment solutions provided by BioMicrobics (BioSTORM Treatment System, StormTEE Litter Control Screen, and the d-Rain Jointh Linear Filtration Device) provides solutions for:

  • Sustainable Site: Storm Water Management Intent
  • Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) project evaluation and permitting.
  • Stormwater management program development or watershed planning.
  • Low Impact Design (LID) and easy to install storm water treatment system
  • pre‐engineered, complete-packaged, and permanently installed to filter common pollutants from water runoff
  • Design flexibility – multiple sizes/flow capacities.
These pre-engineered systems and device removes trash, oils, sediment and other suspended solids (>90% TSS removal) that maintains treatment performance regardless of hydraulic surge flows. One of the fundamental lessons that BioMicrobics brings to the marketplace is the critical need for simple, low-cost, robust equipment with easy access and maintenance.