Verisk 3E

Intelligent compliance solutions for oil, gas and petrochemical - Oil, Gas & Refineries

Oil, gas and petrochemical companies are focused on striking a balance between improving the compatibility of their operations with the environment, while economically developing energy resources and supplying high quality products. The pressure to work with the public, government and various other stakeholders in their supply chain to use natural resources in an environmentally responsible manner while protecting the health and safety of employees and the public can be overwhelming. 3E provides a comprehensive suite of products and services that can support compliance challenges ranging from ensuring the safe and compliant production of finished products, to supporting employee safety programs.


While compliance affects the entire manufacturing organization, product compliance expertise, information and data usually exists in silos, spread across several business units throughout the organization. With Verisk 3E as your single trusted source for global expertise and compliance solutions you will be able to proactively anticipate and manage regulatory obligations. You can:

  • Research the EHS effectiveness of raw materials and finished products
  • Research how substances used are regulated in the markets in which you manufacture and sell your products
  • Identify the potential existence of banned chemicals in your inventory
  • Analyze the chemical makeup of products to identify less hazardous alternatives


Effective, compliant and up-to-date documents - especially SDSs - are not only a global requirements, but serve as a critical centerpiece for enabling effective product stewardship practices throughout the product's lifecycle. In today's environment, merely producing an SDS is not enough. Quality, accuracy and currency are critical components to fulfilling the original intentions for the document. Verisk 3E offers a variety of options to fulfill the requirements. 

  • Produce SDSs and labels for finished products, including exposure scenarios and extended SDSs
  • Automate the distribution of SDSs to downstream users and customers
  • Ensure downstream customers receive / have access to your products' SDSs and emergency response contact information
  • Facilitate appropriate classification or re-classification and labeling of substances to comply with GHS / CLP


Not only do oil, gas and petrochemical companies need to ensure the safety of their finished products, but also the safety of their employees and operators who are handling chemicals or hazardous substances in the workplace. In addition, regulatory professionals find value in having access to raw material SDSs when the time comes to document everything that goes into their finished products.

Verisk 3E can alleviate much of the burden of maintaining vendor SDS data by offering a highly secure web-based application. Alternatively, Verisk 3E can feed robust document sets, including SDS, compliance declarations, technical data sheets and material declarations directly into an existing EHSQ, procurement, or other third party systems, which can significantly streamline the management of chemical data by centralizing it into a single repository.


As products are transported up and down the supply chain, ensuring compliance can be a challenge, especially for global companies. Verisk 3E can help you ensure products can be shipped using a preferred mode of transport or provide guidance to employees to ensure proper use of markings, labels and documentation. Verisk 3E can provide an emergency contact phone number to publish on your SDSs or provide a phone number to your employees to call in the event of a spill or exposure. And at the end of the product's lifecycle, we can ensure employees and operators are identifying, classifying and disposing hazardous substances responsibly.