Intelligent Monitoring of Textiles - Textile

Clothing collectors all over the world are faced with high collection costs. With clothing bins located in both urban and rural areas, operating on scheduled routes can be both costly, inefficient and very time consuming. And when your drivers reach a bin, there’s no telling how much material is inside. There is also the risk of both material and bin theft which impacts on the overall cost of operations and reduces profitability. Smartbin’s Level Transmitter and Intelligent Monitoring Solution can address these concerns.

Benefits of SmartBin

SmartBin monitoring for clothing collectors is truly revolutionizing what was a very inefficient industry. With SmartBin Metro sensors deployed to each bin, our clients know exactly which bins are full, the volume of material in each bin, and the profitability of each route before their drivers start their engines.

Unsightly over-filled bins are no longer an issue as you send drivers to bins as they reach their optimum fill-level.

GPS tracking ensures you always know where your bins are and SmartBin alerts tell you if a bin has been emptied suddenly without permission.

With Smartbin’s intelligent monitoring solution, our clients reduce their cost of collection while increasing their volumes, making operations more efficient and profitable!