McHewel Investment Group

Investment services for infrastructure industry - Construction & Construction Materials

McHewel’s Infrastructure Practice works closely with clients to meet their most pressing needs across transport, energy, social infrastructure (e.g. healthcare and education), and real estate. We are a global network of experts who help deliver practical and cost-effective solutions. In the last 3 years we have executed more than 300 client engagements serving 100 different clients in emerging as well as developed markets across the infrastructure industry.

Our people help clients:

  • Make informed decisions about what to build, invest in, and refurbish
  • Reduce the cost/time necessary to refurbish existing or build new infrastructure
  • Enhance the value of existing assets through better operations and reduced cost.

Our expertise covers the entire process for infrastructure development: from planning and financing to stakeholder management to design and delivery to ongoing operations. We also support clients on broader issues relating to strategy, organization design, and operations improvement (e.g., IT, pricing, procurement).

Engineering & Construction Firms

We have the insights and tools to work with engineering and construction (E&C) firms. Working closely with our clients, we can design a long-term portfolio strategy, improve productivity and reduce both costs and risks. At the same time, we help think through and develop the right organization and talent needs to achieve success. We have experience working with E&C firms on growth strategy, organization design, performance management, people process redesign, IT, commercial processes (e.g., bidding/estimation), project risk management, and lean execution of projects.

Financiers & Investors

We are uniquely positioned to serve infrastructure investors through the investment life cycle: from designing a coherent portfolio and asset class strategy to offering due diligence and support during individual deals to transforming performance both at the asset and portfolio level.

Policy Makers & Infrastructure Planners

We can significantly enhance efficiency and effectiveness by defining strategic asset plans, identifying appropriate funding models, helping formulate policy and regulation, and efficiently implementing projects. Collaborating closely with our clients, we maximize the economic and social benefit they aspire to achieve through specific infrastructure programs and policies.

Real Estate Developers

We help real estate developers with growth and corporate strategy, lean construction, procurement, financing strategy, organization design, IT, performance management, and marketing and sales.

Social Infrastructure Developers

Our understanding of the unique requirements of social infrastructure (e.g., healthcare, education, and public facilities) and the impact of political and societal realities enable us to create tailored solutions. We work with clients to develop and implement infrastructure design and delivery improvements that reduce costs while continuously focusing on improved service, quality, and effectiveness.

Transport Developers

We have deep experience helping transport developers around the world improve their operations in capacity planning, business case assessment, asset design as well as regulatory and stakeholder management to build lasting, well-utilized assets.

Utility & Resource Developers

We are uniquely positioned to serve utility developers to optimize capital productivity, manage complexity and risk, and improve performance of individual assets as well as corporations as a whole.