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Investment services for oil & gas industry - Oil, Gas & Refineries

McHewely`s Oil & Gas Practice helps clients both in meeting their near-term performance challenges and in devising strategies to succeed in today`s complicated world. We serve many of the world`s most important oil companies in North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.

About this practice

Our work is balanced between service to the corporate center and to the various business units (e.g., upstream, refining, marketing) on a variety of strategic, organizational, and operational issues. We distinguish ourselves by providing both high-level strategic advice and implementing a hands-on approach to improving performance.


We’re able to provide our clients with distinctive thinking on strategic issues by continually investing in knowledge development aimed at understanding broader industry issues and trends.


We offer our clients distinctive, hands-on approaches, underpinned by strong functional capabilities, for improving performance in each part of the value chain.

Our expertise

  • Accessing Upstream Growth at Attractive Returns
  • Changing Refined-Product Markets
  • Commercial Sales & Marketing
  • Framing the Retail Solution Space
  • Maximizing Value from Legacy Positions
  • New Petroleum Landscape
  • National Oil Company (NOC) Performance
  • Refining
  • Retail Marketing
  • Upstream
  • Winning in the Global Gas Market

Accessing Upstream Growth at Attractive Returns

Increasing demands for short-term performance and the changing nature of opportunities for reserve additions are forcing oil companies to rethink their approach to exploration. Which strategies and operating models will reposition exploration as a vehicle for growth?

Changing Refined-Product Markets

Current trends in crude oil and refined-product markets have the potential to drive and/or significantly change the economics of heavy-crude upgrading. What are the strategic implications for producers, refiners, and integrated players?

Commercial Sales & Marketing

Commercial sales and marketing is a significantly underexploited lever in improving downstream returns. We focus on collaborating with our clients to identify and resolve sources of value leakage within five key levers (pricing, channel, salesforce, branding, innovation) as well as implement solutions through organizational improvements, such as building frontline capabilities. We have client experience in multiple scenarios, a growing number of experts with deep practical experience, a proprietary diagnostic approach to identify key opportunities and provide a basis for program design, as well as a modular toolkit of solutions that can be customized to each client’s unique situation.

Framing the Retail Solution Space

What is the future of petroleum retailing for major oil companies? Many are choosing to exit the business in the face of increasing competition, falling margins, and limited retailing skills. Is this shortsighted? Is there a compelling case for re-committing to retail?

Maximizing Value from Legacy Positions

Mature assets account for nearly half of the world's production and are an essential component of many portfolios. What can players do to unlock value? What implication does this have for their workforce agenda?

New Petroleum Landscape

Over the last decade, as many oil and gas markets have opened, there has been a growing 'shared' world where both majors and national oil companies (NOCs) compete. What are the implications of this and other trends, and will what it take to win in this new world?

National Oil Company (NOC) Performance

With their focus on maximizing a country's resources rather than on creating shareholder value, NOCs typically face significant barriers in achieving high performance levels. What can they do to improve performance?


We have years of experience helping our clients improve operational performance at their refineries. Ours is an integrated approach that both diagnoses and streamlines operating practices using lean maintenance and optimization tools, and also implements change-management techniques involving mind-sets and behaviors.

Retail Marketing

We offer a detailed diagnostic to quantify improvement potential, along with targeted improvements that focus on identifying key value drivers and concrete improvement targets and objectives. Other examples include store operations, frontline performance, category management, fuel pricing, channel management, format renewal, launching new formats, and brand repositioning. When working with clients, we use diagnostic tools, guides based on the latest industry intelligence, and client case studies.


Significant value-creation potential exists in upstream petroleum operations. McHewel has developed a successful approach to holistic, systemic improvement with proven impact. Our work aligns strategy with operating systems and organization, pulling in insights on lean manufacturing and change management.

Winning in the Global Gas Market

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is becoming increasingly important in regional gas markets. How will it change gas pricing dynamics? How will it impact regional markets and the value chain?