Jacobi Resinex

Ion exchange resins solutions for electronics industry - Electronics and Computers

The Challenge: The electronics industry uses ultra-pure water in the production of semiconductors, solar photovoltaics, pharmaceuticals and flat panel LCD/LED displays for rinsing/cleaning and various other critical processes.

Printing Circuits
Water is a critical element in printed circuit board manufacturing. Resinex is commonly used in process water as well as waste water treatment before discharge. Resinex chelating resins are one of the proven solutions for heavy metal removal in waste water treatment.

Demineralisation is the process of removing virtually all dissolved solids (TDS) from water and producing essentially pure water. Demineralisation unit must include both cation and anion exchange processes. Mixed bed demineralisation consists of strong acid cation resin and strong base anion resin which are mixed homogeneously when in service. Boiler makeup water, process water for production operations and high purity rinse water are examples that require demineralised water.