Jacobi Resinex

Ion exchange resins solutions for potable water industry

The Challenge: Resinex currently has a a variety of products that help meet the demanding challenges of compliancy in global potable water market. Resinex certifies the potable water products with several regulatory bodies including WQA, NSF61, WHO, French Ministry, FDA, etc. Resinex’s potable water line of products are specially washed and are produced with the highest quality and cleanest raw materials. Applications include but are not limited to nitrate, perchlorate, uranium, radium, arsenic, tannin, and heavy metal removal.

The ion exchange properties in Resinex can handle contaminants such as nitrates and uranium while others rely on a combination of unique adsorptive and hydrophobic characteristics of our specialty resins.

Purification is the key application for ion exchange resins. The resin beads purify several different streams like water, chemical, sugar, juice, pharmaceuticals, proteins, and much more. IX resins can selectively remove contaminants from gold to perchlorate. There are endless possibilities for purifying any type of stream with IX technologies.