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IT Helpdesk Application - Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems

Modern business operates without a pause. Just-in-time production, and an IT dependent world requires an instant response to system failures and a consistent organized response to outages, whether planned or unexpected. RapidReach can provide a common, consistent system for managing events across applications and platforms. Take a proactive approach to event management!

RapidReach Helpdesk and CRM allows you to
  • Call in expert teams to resolve problems
  • Quickly request staff to respond to disturbances and inform them when they are resolved
  • Keep clear records of who received messages, and when
  • Notify clients about computer or production breakdowns
  • Update management on recent developments
  • Generate a large number of reports
Benefits using RapidReach for Helpdesk and CRM
  • Affected business units and individuals are notified much more quickly
  • Provide a common platform for system operators, so that the notification process is consistent, whether the application team prefers pagers, phones, email or fax
  • Avoid time consuming and tedious calling
  • Fully and instantly prepare reports, and generate statistical information for follow up and analysis
System or Service?

We do both! You can purchase either a RapidReach System or subscribe to the RapidReach Service.