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iTAC.MES.Suite for Automotive Suppliers - Automobile & Ground Transport

Digitalization does not exclude the automotive sector. The networked car, autonomous driving and innovative drive technologies are just some of the current market trends. Automotive suppliers in particular take a very important position: many manufacturers cannot master the rapid innovations without cooperation and therefore outsource development work. Learn more about the challenges in the automotive supplier industry and how the iTAC.MES.Suite can master them.

The demands on automotive suppliers are constantly increasing. The industry is faced with daily challenges - keeping up with the speed of innovation, the growing diversity of individual components in vehicles and OEM regulatory compliance requirements.

Time-to-market is one of the most critical factors in trying to stay competitive, yet ever increasing quality standards are expected which result in the manifestation of a zero-fault strategy. Especially in times of just-in-time and just-in-sequence models, manufacturers need to make sure their products are available globally and at all times. 

With the focus on growth and profitability, companies need to optimize their production resources without neglecting their quality goals. Therefore, it is inevitable to have total control and transparency over the entire production process, often reached by using serial numbers for individual identification in each assembly.

This way, the manufacturer can avoid expensive, extensive recall campaigns which damage reputation. Secure and stable production processes are a key factor in ensuring the company’s long-term viability. 

iTAC.MES.Suite for Automotive Suppliers

The implementation of the iTAC.MES.Suite offers many opportunities for manufacturers. While other systems often fail due to the high volume of data to be processed in modern production, the iTAC.MES.Suite guarantees short transaction rates.

Generated data are assigned to the corresponding material container or serial number. Flexible dashboards indicate occurring discrepancies in production, whereupon alarms are sent via e-mail to the responsible employees and faulty components are blocked immediately. Additionally, the software ensures complete transparency and traceability throughout the entire production process.