Bird Control Group

Keeping your offshore helideck free of birds - Oil, Gas & Refineries

Keeping your offshore helideck free of bird guano, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The helidecks of offshore installations are an ideal habitat for birds to breed and forage. Helidecks are among the few resting places in the area and are often without human presence, making them an optimal place for birds to perch.

The presence of birds and bird guano at platforms is a globally recognized problem that can seriously jeopardize safety for the helicopter movements and working conditions.

Collisions between birds and helicopters occur frequently and platform navigation markings and lights can be affected due to bird droppings and debris.

Bird Control Group developed a solution for protecting your helideck from birds: the Aerolaser Helipad. This automated laser & sound system keeps birds away from the platform and the helideck clean.