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acoustic monitoring Applications

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    Room Acoustics

    "Good acoustics" is usually the target in room acoustics. The meaning of this depends on the type of room and the intended use. Rooms for musical presentations need a good sound quality at as many seats as possible while lecture halls demand good intelligibility of the teaching person. In case of open-space ...

    By DataKustik GmbH based in Gilching, GERMANY.

  • Acoustic Theory

    Acoustic theory for heterogeneous system should yield a relationship between some measured macroscopic acoustic properties, such as sound speed, attenuation, acoustic impedance, angular dependence of the scattered sound, etc., and some microscopic ...

    By Dispersion Technology Inc. based in Bedford Hills, NEW YORK (USA).

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    Industry Acoustics

    Noise control in industrial halls is essential to ensure a non-harmful environment for the workers and limit the immissions caused at the neighbouring buildings. Check out how CadnaR enables you to model and calibrate your machines, calculate and evaluate noise at the workplaces and assess measures to ...

    By DataKustik GmbH based in Gilching, GERMANY.

  • Scientific instrumentation solutions for cement, zeta potential titrations sector

    Both ultrasound based methods, Acoustics and Electroacoustics, can be used for monitoring effects of the plastisizer on the properties of cement slurry, as proved in the papers listed below. With no dilution. Elimination of dilution is critical for accurate measurement of the cement zeta potential Cement ...

    By Dispersion Technology Inc. based in Bedford Hills, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Scientific instrumentation solutions for emulsions and microemulsions sector

    Acoustics makes possible measurement of Particle size of the emulsion and microemulsion droplets with no dilution, which is critical for these systems. Papers presented below indicate very good agreement between this method and independent data. Combination of Acoustics and Electroacoustics could reveal ...

    By Dispersion Technology Inc. based in Bedford Hills, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Longitudinal Rheology

    Propagation of a longitudinal stress wave through a visco-elastic media creates dissipation of mechanical energy, similarly to a shear stress wave. The rate of dissipation depends on two parameters: bulk viscosity and longitudinal viscosity. For ...

    By Dispersion Technology Inc. based in Bedford Hills, NEW YORK (USA).

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    Dewatering and thickening of municipal sewage sludge

    Dewatering and Thickening of Municipal Sewage Sludge using the Decanter. Flottweg has more than 50 years of experience in dewatering and thickening sewage slurry. We know the special requirements of sewage treatment plants and the water industry. As a result, we have developed a special decanter series especially for sewage treatment plants: the Flottweg C series. ...

    By Flottweg SE based in Vilsbiburg, GERMANY.

  • Noise and vibration monitoring for race circuit monitoring

    Certain leisure activities, and motor sports in particular, are a source of elevated noise levels. They cause significant disturbance for nearby residents, particularly as such sites are being developed in increasingly densely populated urban ...

    By ACOEM based in Limonest, FRANCE.

  • Sound instrumentation for building acoustics

    The field of building acoustics consists of two parts; Room Acoustics which deals with sound propagation in a room and Building Acoustics, which deals with sound propagation between rooms. Typically, room acoustics is ...

    By Norsonic AS based in Tranby, NORWAY.

  • Noise and vibration problem solutions for transportation & infrastructure sector

    Roads, railways and airports are the largest source of transportation noise and frequently effects development land for houses, schools and hospitals. Noise sensitive developments adjacent to or affected by transportation noise require the careful assessment of these sources, either by measurement or prediction and often both. This assessment enables the correct specification of the building envelope (walls, windows, ventilators and roofs) to achieve appropriate internal noise levels in new developments. Here ...

    By Acoustic Associates Sussex Ltd based in Shoreham Airport, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Particle Size Measurement

    Particle size is a geometric characteristic that is usually assigned to material objects with sizes ranging from nanometers to millimeters. There is a wide variety of real systems that contain particles within this size range. These systems are generally polydisperse, meaning that the particles in a particular sample vary in size. Therefore, in order to adequately characterize such systems, it is not sufficient to simply determine a single particle size. We must instead determine the system’s particle size ...

    By Dispersion Technology Inc. based in Bedford Hills, NEW YORK (USA).

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