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bentonite Applications

  • Solutions for the ceramic industry

    Bentonite is used to lend plasticity to the ceramic paste necessary and ensure good tenacity. Bentonites are selected depending on their use, for normal mixtures, or white paste, for engobes, or enamels.

    By Sipag Bisalta based in Genova, ITALY.

  • Solutions for the paper industry

    Only accurately selected and purified bentonites can be employed in paper production, in order to ensure the best performance. There are different bentonites for different production processes. The main features of these bentonites are: high cationic exchange capacity, antipitch function to avoid lumps, and suspension capability. The beneficial effects of bentonite on production quality, printing, discharge waters, and, in general, from an economic point of view, should not be underestimated.

    By Sipag Bisalta based in Genova, ITALY.

  • Mineral-based technologies solutions for the consumer sector

    Leading Provider of Finished Goods, Minerals and Ingredients for Consumer Markets. Minerals Technologies is the world`s leading producer of precipitated calcium carbonate and bentonite. These in addition to basic minerals, provide a wide range of materials to various industrial and consumer markets.

    By CETCO based in Kings Norton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Solutions for the water treatment industry

    Due to its ion exchange, flocculation, and sedimentation properties, bentonite is used in environmental protection for water clarification and sludge treatment. In water treatment systems, bentonite is a mineral type of clarifying agent, just like aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium sulphate, ferrous sulphate, and iron chloride. However, since it is not soluble, it is the only agent capable of forming suspensions that remain stable over time. Further, bentonite “captures” metal pollutants, through an...

    By Sipag Bisalta based in Genova, ITALY.

  • Solutions for the agricultural bentonite industry

    Bentonite can be mixed with pesticides and fungicides as a support carrier to fix the product to the leaves. In organic farming, the action of fungi and parasites is inhibited by bentonite – a natural product – thus replacing chemical products. In particular, this process is employed in biodynamic cultivation of wine grapes, where bentonite is mixed with other elements to fight oidium. In liquid and solid fertilizers, it is used as a fixing carrier and to control the release of nitrogen, potassium,...

    By Sipag Bisalta based in Genova, ITALY.

  • Building & construction technology solutions for bentonite-based waterproofing industry

    Since 1963, more than one billion square feet of CETCO waterproofing products have been installed around the world, becoming the standard by which all other waterproofing membranes are measured. By specifying CETCO products, you are assured of optimum waterproofing performance from products specifically engineered to be integrated and installed as a complete waterproofing system. CETCO manufactures a complete line of quality waterproofing membranes, waterstops, and drainage composites as well as a complete line...

    By CETCO based in Kings Norton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Specialty Minerals for Building & Infrastructure

    Imerys offers a range of world-class solutions which meet the key property requirements in terms of rapid drying and aesthetics of a variety of applications in the construction and civil engineering industries . We tailor our specialty aluminate-based binders, metakaolins, smart fillers and functional additives such as bentonites, perlites and clays to meet the specific performance expectations of end users. These high-performance products are used in wide array of applications such as flooring, cement tiles,...

    By Imerys based in Paris, FRANCE.

  • Mineral-based technologies solutions for the steel & industrial refractories industry

    A Global Leader in Refractories. We deploy value-added monolithic refractory materials that not only reduce costs but improve performance and energy efficiency for the customer.

    By CETCO based in Kings Norton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Specialty Minerals for Paper & Board

    The principal aim of the pulp, paper and board industry is to improve productivity and the surface and print quality of the final product. Polymer-free barrier coatings are also an emerging trend which will provide paper and board producers with an opportunity to offer sustainable, innovative solutions. We offer a unique set of high-quality, environment-friendly solutions that optimize the paper and board manufacturing process. Our leading mineral formulations deliver the properties paper and board manufacturers...

    By Imerys based in Paris, FRANCE.

  • Paper & packaging solutions for packaging industry

    Specialty Minerals Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Products for Paperboard Applications. SMI’s broad portfolio of products and technologies are finding their way into the Paperboard Packaging industry by delivering value to customers while helping these customers in meeting ever evolving market trends. From end user demands for improved print images on the outside of packages, to enriched optical properties on white printed package surfaces, SMI has technologies and solutions to help the Paperboard Packaging...

    By CETCO based in Kings Norton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Sustainable isolation solution for landfills, remediation sites and mining sector

    Trisoplast’s roots are in the environmental sector. From the very beginning, it was used as a mineral bottom liner for landfills and remediation sites. The mining industry, too, was quick to adopt this product. More than 90 percent of Dutch landfills are now using Trisoplast, and our share of the global market is growing steadily.

    By Trisoplast Mineral Liners International Bv based in Velddriel, NETHERLANDS.

  • Industry

    Dragflow is a world leader in slurry pumping solutions. Dragflow pumps can handle all slurry from dirty water to the very heavy slurries with solid concentration up to 70% by weigh. Thanks to its twenty five and more years of experience in the most difficult pumping application Dragflow is able to satisfy the most demanding customer in the industrial and construction market.

    By Dragflow S.r.l. based in Villafranca, ITALY.

  • Pulsair`s industrial drilling mud agitators for oil & gas industry

    Industrial drilling mud agitators and mixing equipment for oil & gas exploration. Pulsair Systems supplies oil & gas operators with industrial drilling mud mixer agitators for mud tank mixing. The Pulsair mixing process quickly allows drillers and operators to ensure homogenous mud consistency for their drilling mud needs.

    By Pulsair Systems, Inc based in Bellevue, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Decanter Centrifuges for Brewery and Winery Applications

    Hiller DecaFood decanter centrifuges combine the experience of more than 40 years in decanter construction and production with the latest operational knowledge in various fields of food and beverage technology. The wine, brewing and spirits industries are only some of the examples where the DecaFood system can be applied.

    By Hiller Separation and Process based in Lampasas, TEXAS (USA).

  • Separation solutions for constructions industry

    Today`s construction industry focuses a great deal on underground drilling and support systems. These processes typically use drilling fluid or slurry techniques. Packaged mud recycling systems are designed to minimize solids waste for disposal and effectively clean drilling fluid and slurry for active reuse. Foundation Drillers utilize drilling fluids for stability of holes during operation. Mud reclaimers process the used drilling fluid for continuous use downhole and creates less solids waste.

    By Elgin Separation Solutions based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA).

  • Filtration plants for solid-liquid separation and dewatering of treated effluents for chemical/pharmaceutical industry

    Bilfinger Water Technologies produces and installs filtration plants in chemical – pharmaceutical fields since the early 1970s. The filtration systems developed by Bilfinger Water Technologies during this 30 year-experience are particularly appreciated in solid liquid separation processes and dewatering of treating effluents. These separation processes play a very important role in the chemical pharmaceutical field, being essential elements of many production processes.

    By Aqseptence Group GmbH based in Aarbergen, GERMANY.

  • Sustainable isolation solution for mineral liner industry sector

    Trisoplast’s properties also make this mineral liner extremely well suited to industrial applications. These include tank terminals, waste recycling centres, disposal sites, water treatment plants and shredder companies.

    By Trisoplast Mineral Liners International Bv based in Velddriel, NETHERLANDS.

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