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beverage wastewater Applications

  • Food & beverage wastewater treatment

    For this propose, AZUD has developed innovative wastewater treatment plants AZUD WW MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor). This techonology is based on the growth of biomass in a plastic supports (carriers) suspended in the bioreactor mixed liquor. This carriers allow more concentreation of microorganisms per unit volume than a conventional system, reaching high quality effluent in a minimum area of implementation. In addition, our exclusive AZUD RC system allows remote management of automation and electromechanical...

    By Sistema Azud, S.A. based in Alcantarilla, SPAIN.

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    Wastewater treatment plants for catering and restaurants

    Restaurants and canteens are increasingly producing fatty waste water. In addition, there are strong fluctuations in the daily amount of wastewater from events. A further challenge for wastewater treatment plants for gastronomy is seasonal fluctuations, for example due to tourism. Our experts have realised countless projects in the catering sector. Ski lodges or brewery restaurants are also part of our experience.

    By ATB WATER GmbH based in Porta Westfalica, GERMANY.

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    Technologies for Wastewater Treatment in Breweries

    The "ideal" treatment of waste from beer (and not only) must respect the legal limits, produce the minimum possible quantity of sludge and recover the maximum possible amount of energy. Fluence offers an anaerobic solution on wastewater and sludge + aerobic wastewater treatment. The anaerobic solution uses a "Rapid" granular sludge digester. It is a digester in which a particular type of sludge capable of "granulating" grows and it is used for very low COD (> 2000 ֺmg / l) as long as the waste contains sugars or...

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA).

  • Wastewater Treatment

    Sludge Pressing, Thickening, dewatering and Solid-liquid Separation.

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    Wastewater treatment plants for bakeries

    Bakeries usually produce highly organically contaminated wastewater. Especially the often high suspended matter content from flour or the high sugar or yeast content poses special challenges for wastewater treatment plants. In addition, there are often strong temperature fluctuations. The use of strong cleaning detergents is particularly important in food production for hygienic reasons. - This represents an additional challenge for wastewater treatment plants. Many bakeries are also subject to strong seasonal...

    By ATB WATER GmbH based in Porta Westfalica, GERMANY.

  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Food and Beverage

    Many food processing plants are capital constrained and need to get more throughput from their existing systems. Plymouth has designed comprehensive treatment programs to double or even triple throughput and reduce escalating surcharges to improve our customer’s bottom line.

    By Plymouth Technology, Inc. based in Rochester, MICHIGAN (USA).

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    Wastewater treatment for the food industry

    They have a high content of suspended solids, as well as dissolved organic materials and proteins.

    By Toro Equipment S.L. based in La Cistérniga, SPAIN.

  • Wastewater pretreatment solutions for food and beverage

    Brewing Applications, Hop Oil Separation, Grease Removal, Settleable and/or Suspended Solids Removal.

    By Hydro Quip, Inc. (HQI) based in Seekonk, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Wastewater treatment for slaughterhouses

    By Planotex GmbH based in Neuried b. München, GERMANY.

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    Wastewater treatment for meat and derived industry

    Our process separates the solid materials from oils and fat that are mainly produced during the animal`s slaughter and quartering. In the case of slaughterhouses, our ANACONDA equipment can reduce the contaminating load by up to 95%.

    By Toro Equipment S.L. based in La Cistérniga, SPAIN.

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    Wastewater treatment plants for the beverage industry

    While the consumption of sweetened soft drinks in Germany and some other industrial countries is stagnating or declining slightly, worldwide consumption continues to rise. In addition to the health aspects for the population, considerable quantities of highly contaminated wastewater requiring treatment are also produced during processing and filling. In the beverage industry, under the banner of saving fresh water, processes are increasingly being designed with the aim of recirculation in wastewater treatment....

    By ATB WATER GmbH based in Porta Westfalica, GERMANY.

  • Wastewater treatment for food processing

    By Planotex GmbH based in Neuried b. München, GERMANY.

  • Wastewater treatment solutions for the brewery wastewater industry

    Managing brewery wastewater shouldn’t be costly or complex. Surcharges and off-site hauling fees can be minimized using the BioGill scalable onsite systems. They are quick to install and easy to operate so you can get on with perfecting your latest brew. Using BioGill technology, brewers can benefit from significant savings in wastewater discharge costs and improved environmental operations.

    By BioGill Operations Pty Ltd based in Taren Point, AUSTRALIA.

  • Wastewater treatment for the foodstuff industry

    The associated effluents will have a high or low load depending on the specific activity of each company. The processes employed will depend on the output parameters that have to be attained, depending on current legislation.

    By Aguambiente based in La Cistérniga, SPAIN.

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    Wastewater treatment for the milk industry

    Waste water containing fat and oils, generated from the cleaning of equipment and installations and from the sterilization process. Our equipment can be adapted to the highest loads produced by the whey`s pouring.

    By Toro Equipment S.L. based in La Cist?rniga, SPAIN.

  • Wastewater treatment for the winery

    The waste water from the transformation process in wineries has a high organic material content, as well as large pH variations that can be harmful to the environment. This water treatment must be carried out by using the appropriate processes.

    By Aguambiente based in La Cistérniga, SPAIN.

  • wastewater treatment solutions for beverage industry / brewing industry

    In the beverage industry, the key factor in the production of soft drinks, lemonades or juices is an excellent and consistent water quality and the product water standards that ensure that the finished product always has the same taste. Different water treatment processes are used depending on the type of raw water and hydro-chemical conditions as well as the product-specific requirements. Chriwa is a long-standing partner to major global beverage companies.

    By Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH based in Hambühren, GERMANY.

  • Wastewater treatment for the beverage industry

    Enterprises in the beverage industry are facing tough competition. Water consumption is one of the most significant cost factors in the sector, since water is the main ingredient of their products. In addition, bottle washing or cleaning of machines and equipment also requires enormous amounts of clean water. This is why beverage producers need a wastewater treatment system that meets these demands.

    By DAS Environmental Expert GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY.

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    Wastewater treatment plants for breweries

    Brewery wastewater is generally polluted with two different classes of pollutants. In the direct brewing process, biological substances such as yeasts, starch or sugar compounds are increasingly introduced into the wastewater. By cleaning brewery plants (boilers, pipelines, etc.) and washing empties, large quantities of chemical cleaning detergents are also discharged into the wastewater of breweries.

    By ATB WATER GmbH based in Porta Westfalica, GERMANY.

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    Wastewater treatment plants for dairies milk processing

    Wastewater in the milk processing industry contains a lot of fat, solids, COD and BOD. Therefore it is very suitable for biological wastewater treatment plants. However, there are some challenges especially in milk processing. Due to the use of strong cleaning agents, there are a few things that need to be taken into account in wastewater treatment plants in this field. Our experts have already implemented countless wastewater treatment plants, for example for cheese production or milk filling. Wastewater treatment...

    By ATB WATER GmbH based in Porta Westfalica, GERMANY.

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