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ATL's LIMS solutions provide data management support geared towards meeting the specialized needs of a variety of distinctive industries, including Biotechnology, CROs and Healthcare organizations. Our LIMS offer facilities the tools needed to gain a competitive advantage, maintain quality while increasing speed and accuracy, generate detailed reports, and efficiently convert information into knowledge. With instrument integration, bar coding, smartphone and tablet use, email and smartphone alerts and a variety of other beneficial tools; our LIMS will assist in keeping organizations functioning smoothly and efficiently, while staying ahead of the competition. For more information see below and visit

Specific to the Biotechnology sector, here are a few of the many requirements and the way in which ATL's data management solutions satisfy them.

Biotechnology and Life Sciences Requirements ATL's Data Management Solutions

Ability to manage workflows.

ATL's data management solutions allow the user to define workflows and screen captions for rapid implementation.

Integration with common instruments utilized in Biotechnology and Life Sciences.

A library of over 450 instruments that have previously been integrated with ATL's LIMS. Common instruments in chemistry, genetic screening and microbiology are included.

Ability to view results and analyze trends with statistical software.

ATL's 'Master Query' function allows users to retrieve data by multiple variables, view status and results. Integration with NWA's Quality Analyst software allows users to perform sophisticated statistical analyses.

Flexible reporting.

Users can utilize, Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services, Excel, XML and a variety of other reporting tools.

Microsoft Office Suite integration.

Users can import and export data into the Microsoft Office suite for easy report and presentation creation.

Electronic notebooks.

ATL LIMS can be integrated with electronic notebooks for a seamlessly, integrated data management solution.

Integration with other Enterprise Systems.

The ability to export or import data from other standard technology platforms such as Oracle and SQL Server, which promotes data sharing across the organization.

Solid system support and training for end users and database administrators.

As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Firm, ATL has a strong support and training program in place to ensure our clients success.

The LIMS You Deserve

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