Laboratory Solutions for the biotechnology, CRO and healthcare - Health Care

ATL`s LIMS solutions provide data management support geared towards meeting the specialized needs of a variety of distinctive industries, including Biotechnology, CROs and Healthcare organizations. Our LIMS offer facilities the tools needed to gain a competitive advantage, maintain quality while increasing speed and accuracy, generate detailed reports and efficiently convert information to knowledge. With instrument integration, bar coding, smart phone and tablet use, email and smart phone alerts and a variety of other, beneficial tools; our LIMS products will assist in keeping organizations functioning smoothly and efficiently, and staying ahead of the competition.


With organizations increasingly outsourcing their research functions, it's a good time to be a Contract Research Organization. But you still have to deliver to stay viable. ATL's LIMS software for CRO's gives your lab the competitive advantages it needs to out-maneuver and out-perform rivals, and the framework for taking your business to the next level.


The phrase 'a matter of life and death' is often used to indicate a sense of importance and urgency. Yet for laboratories in the healthcare industry, patients' or populations' lives often depend on the quality, accuracy and speed at which analysis can be conducted. Our LIMS for the healthcare field provides your lab with the tools needed to perform at its best when it matters most.