Laboratory Solutions for the energy industry - Energy

Been exploring for a LIMS solution that can better manage data, samples, testing, reporting and real-time monitoring? Put ATL on your crew. Our LIMS for the energy sector gives labs a truly user-friendly, reliable and scalable data-management and reporting solution - exactly what your company needs to power up to new levels of profitability.

ATL's Sample Master and TITAN LIMS platforms allow our customers in the Energy sector to simplify their laboratory operations. Our user-friendly solutions are easy to learn and deploy, allowing our customers to rapidly realize the benefits and return on investment (ROI). ATL's informatics solutions manage the entire testing life-cycle, from scheduling the collection of samples and assigning the tests to be completed, to report delivery and final sample disposition. Our flexible informatics solutions administer all of the analytical work performed at the plant whether performed in the lab or in the field. Both Sample Master and TITAN LIMS platforms support the entire testing workflow, and are adept at integrating with analytical instrumentation. This combination of features allows our customers to enforce their quality procedures and ensure the accuracy of the analytical results regardless of where the test is completed, while reducing the management and supervisory overhead in reviewing and approving results. ATL's informatics solutions can also evaluate results and automatically notify appropriate staff if results are not within the expected range, thereby reducing the response time any negative impact. Additionally, integration of LIMS with mission-critical manufacturing execution and enterprise resource systems supports improved production efficiency and quality. Leverage ATL's LIMS solutions in the following areas of Fuel Production:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Liquid Propane Gas
  • Electric & Solar (Hydro)
  • Biodiesel & Ethanol
  • Nuclear

ATL's Sample Master and TITAN based informatics solutions provide a hub for all of the testing and quality data collected throughout the plant, from raw materials testing, to intermediates and process testing through to final product certification. Our customers can leverage the information that they are already generating to gain deeper insights into their operations and greater efficiency from their efforts, along with supporting regulatory compliance.

  • Automated scheduling and login
  • Real Time Product control
  • Event driven reporting and data transfer
  • Immediate visual feedback on processes
  • Instrument and Enterprise integration
  • Automated Certificate of Analysis (COA) generation

Our customers leverage our Boot Camp, user groups, webcasts and other continuing education programs to ensure that their solutions remain attuned to their operations and to find additional ways to leverage their solutions to provide even more value for their organizations.