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Laboratory Weighing - Formulation - Monitoring and Testing

No matter whether flavorings, spices, or pharmaceutical powders are involved, formulation requires precision. Incorrect mixtures are costly and may even be dangerous. Irrespective of the complexity of your formulas, how many materials you use, and whether the quantities are large or extremely small: METTLER TOLEDO formula-weighing solutions can fulfill all your requirements.


Totalization application with LabX balance

If you weigh valuable raw material to produce the mixture according to a defined recipe or if you experiment variations around a master recipe, traceability of sample identifications and weighing data is a growing requirement to fulfil regulatory compliance but also increase the efficiency of your lab.

LabX balance supports you with a customizable and fully guided totalization application: 

  • Weight capture and data management according to Part 11 requirements
  • Simultaneous weight capture from multiple balances directly connected to the network
  • User-definable totalization application stored as job template
  • Full user guidance on the balance display and on PC
  • High level of flexibility during weighing process thanks to numerous options: additive or single mode, automatic weight capture, tare, pre-tare, delete last sample, overwrite function
  • Comprehensive report, incl. the ingredients identifications, sum of the ingredients and weighing parameters
  • All data securely stored in an SQL-Server database


Professional Formula Weighing - Integrated Application on Professional Balances

If you prepare mixtures from components according to formulae, and wish to document their composition, our professional products are ideal for you. You can weigh your formulae horizontally, vertically, or in batches.

And you can document your weighing simply at a keystroke. The results are printed out complete with detailed information. If required, you can give each component an alphanumeric identification. If you want the report to show not only how much of each component was weighed in, but also the target weight, you can input this value numerically.

With XP balances, Formula weighing was never so easy and certain. Eight recipes – each with up to twelve components – can be stored in the XP precision balance and called up conveniently at the touch of a fingertip on the SmartScreen. Clear instructions and color-coded weighing aids guide you step by step through the formula weighing. Maximum security is assured by the FormCheck function which only allows uniquely identified samples into the formula.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Up to 225 components in a single formula-weighing operation
  • Up to 99 weighing containers can be used for weighing
  • Input of an alphanumeric component identification
  • Definition of component target weights
  • Display and printout of the component weight with difference from target weight, as well as the net, gross, and tare weights and number of components
  • Easy operation with menu selection and full-text display


Standard Formula Weighing - Integrated Application on XS Balances

If you make simple weighings and additions of individual components, and wish to document their composition, our standard products are just what you need. A printer lets you document the individual and total weight values at a keystroke.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Up to 225 components in a single formula-weighing operation
  • Up to 99 weighing containers can be used for weighing
  • Display and printout show component weight, net, gross, and tare weight
  • Easy menu-guided operation