Laboratory Weighing - Routine Test of Balances and Scales - Monitoring and Testing

Measuring equipment must be checked regularly, if the quality of the measurement results has changed during every-day use. The user should perform these checks at fixed time intervals. Balances and Scales are tested with an external weight piece. This test weight must have a valid calibration certificate issued by an accredited calibration lab. The tests should be performed in fixed, regular intervals and the results should be documented in a traceable way.

Routine Test with Calibrated Weights

  • This test fulfills the requirement of a traceable reference according to ISO9001.
  • Easy-done test
  • Proof of the correct function of FACT
  • Proof of the process being in tolerance at one or more points of use
  • Results can be evaluated graphically or statistically

Considering Points of Use

Routine test can be performed at various points of use and for various sample weights. For each test situation, the balance is brought by a 'tare weight' to a typical point of use and is then tested with a 'test weight', which should correspond to a typically weighed sample.