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Laboratory Weighing - Statistical Process and Quality Control - Monitoring and Testing

Systematic monitoring and control of your filling and production processes helps you maintain process compliance while minimizing loss of product through overfilling. Our stand-alone or integrated systems give you all the statistical data you need to understand, document, and control your profitability – fulfilling even the most stringent regulatory requirements.


SQC for stable and easily-controlled processes

As a compact single-station application, or as an element in the network of your QA system, the SQC system records your production data. Thanks to comprehensive data storage, your processes are clearly documented and traceable.


SPC for drifting processes

With manual or automatic control and trend control. Trends of the product weight are monitored at regular intervals. Deviations in the filling process are identified, and sent either manually or by a control pulse to the filling installation: Statistical Process Control.

SQC 14 - Stand-alone system for filling-process control

With the SQC 14 standalone system, you have your filling processes under control. You can be sure of not breaking the law by underfilling, and at the same time, you optimize your business profits by minimizing overfilling.

The SQC14 compact system, comprising an application printer, manages 16 or 60 articles. Setup and operation are extremely simple. Along with a precision balance, analytical balance, or micro balance, the SQC14 compact system can be installed at a workplace, or directly in the filling line, with minimal space requirement.

Solution features:

  • Net-weight control for up to 60 articles. Legal tolerance system according to EU, CH, and Pharmacopoeia EU
  • Three user-definable tolerance systems as well as SPC control limits
  • Short-term and long-term statistics per article
  • Simple operation
  • Alphanumeric entry
  • Graphical representation of histogram, sample mean, standard deviation