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Laboratory Weighing - Weight Calibration - Monitoring and Testing

Balances should always be tested with calibrated weights you can rely on and trust. Only calibrated weights are traceable to the International Prototype Kilogram at the BIPM (Bureau International des Poids et Measures) in Paris and ensure accurate weighing results.


Calibration of weights, means determining its exact mass, which is done by comparisons between reference and test weights. The OIML give clear guidelines not how the calibration must done and which factors must be taken in consideration to calculate this exact mass.

Weight calibration is an intensive and accurate process, which is likely to become even more important as more industries performing routine tests of there weighing equipment to improve there processes, herewith reducing quality issues, thus saving money.

METTLER TOLEDO’s unmatched reputation in weight calibration is built upon years of experience as well as joint projects with leading institutes. The ComparatorPac offers a complete solution for weight calibration laboratories with the added benefit of a unique global support and service network.

The ComparatorPac makes weight calibration as simple and efficient as possible. Thanks to state-of-the-art comparator balances connected to a simple but effective software, several automated features eliminate many manual operations to increase the process speed by up to 40 %. The whole calibration process is more secure and reliable.


Your benefits:
You save up to 40 % time, reducing calibration lead times and you have more calibration capacity to increase your calibration business. This ensures a very short payback time of your investment.

ComparatorPac offers a unique ready-to-start calibration solution that reduces your effort up to with 40%, it consists of:

  • 3 comparators to calibrate weights up to 20 kg
  • OIML F1 reference weights up to 20 kg
  • PC Software to process calibration and print reports.

With a comprehensive portfolio of Comparators and Weights, the ComparatorPac can be adapted to individual needs.