Raymetrics S.A.

Laser Based Remote Sensing Instruments for Air Pollution Monitoring Industry - Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing

3D scanning LIDARs are now being used by open-pit mines and other heavy industries to track and better understand airborne pollution problems. Since 2011 Raymetrics has been providing remote dust tracking services to industry.

Time evolution of dust pollution plume from a mine, measured with a Raymetrics LIDAR 

For each service, Raymetrics provides a LIDAR, GPS, weather station and an in-situ particle counter. The service takes approximately one week (and should be repeated at several intervals to account for weather changes and seasonal variation). Service deliverables include a customized report on airborne pollution plus all raw data.


  • Identify and categorize pollution plumes and sources
  • Provide data on level of airborne pollution (for air quality)
  • Early warning system for incoming dust (e.g. for local towns)
  • Assess long-range transport potential of pollution
  • Allow for targeted spraying to damp airborne dust
  • Track dust from individual events (e.g. blasts in mines)
  • Provide peace of mind to local populations and government