Raymetrics S.A.

Laser Based Remote Sensing Instruments for Gas Detection Industry - Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing

The Raman spectroscopy technique has been developed by scientists in the laboratory for remotely detecting specific gases in the atmosphere. Raymetrics has received sufficient industry interest to begin turning this technique into an operational product.


The RG-LIDAR system will be capable of remotely detecting many different gases in the atmosphere. The initial focus will be on detecting:

  • CH4
  • H2S
  • CO2
  • SOx
  • NOx
  • other gases such as from nuclear material or chemical attacks


The uses of a system capable of detecting specific gases are myriad. Possibilities include:

  • Detecting leaks along pipelines
  • Analyzing leak volumes above refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Remotely measuring ship leakages
  • Detecting chemical or nuclear attacks
  • Detecting gases from imminent volcanic eruptions
  • And many more


Raymetrics has allocated funds for development and is seeking more through various funding programs. The final product is expected to be available for purchase within 2018. Please contact us for more details.