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LDI laser remote sensing technology provides users with the tools to conduct broad and accurate environmental surveys of both water and ground in stressed environmental zones, which makes our products especially suitable for oil spill response operations. The technology is based on the Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) and realized by the Fluorescent Lidar Systems – FLS (LiDAR – Light Detection And Ranging).

LDI laser-based remote sensing systems are designed to detect and quantify several types of organic matter in water and on land.  Hyperspectral FLS LiDARs are an efficient means of conducting large-scale environmental assessment through the analysis of spatial distribution of organics ranging from oil pollution to phytoplankton.  The FLS series of LiDARs can be mounted in aircraft, on surface vessels, in ground vehicles or on stationary installations.

Rapidly acquired spatial and temporal data may significantly reduce the need for the traditional “sample, sit back and wait days for lab results”- methodology. Being able to map data in a temporal fashion, such as before and after a storm-water runoff event, or being able to determine the source(s) of this runoff for future prevention and enforcement purposes, brings a whole new dynamic to environmental monitoring. The use of FLS-LiDARs to detect, map and monitor time-critical events such as oil spills is only one example of the diverse applications for which the technology can be used. The use of FLS LiDARs is more cost effective than traditional methods for environmental surveys of large areas.