Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy Technique for Process Industries - Monitoring and Testing

Accurate, dependable real time results in harsh environments. Industrial processes typically result in some of the most challenging gas measurement environments; high-temperature, high humidity, particulate matter, and gas mixtures of complex and variable composition.

Industrial emissions measurements at the source require robust, continuous solutions, requiring minimal maintenance, and maximum up-time for both process control, and regulatory compliance applications.  MIRICO’s Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy (LDS) offers the ability to measure in such harsh environments, with reduced optical fouling when compared to traditional Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy.  LDS also delivers wider dynamic range, offering the ability to measure higher concentrations directly at the source, as well as lower concentrations in the atmosphere in the vicinity of emissions sources.

Critical precision measurements for Specialty Gas

The production of specialty gases, both pure and mixtures, relies to a significant degree on the sensitive, and reliable measurement of a wide range of components.  Measurement requirements may vary from parts per billion sensitivities for purity analysis applications, to parts per million, or even percent levels of compounds with respect to process control, or gas mixture certification.  Accurate, continuous measurements are required for production processes such as air separation and the HyCO process, where the management of distillation, purification, and catalytic reaction facilities is critical from both a cost, and safety perspective.  Pure gases supplied to customers for use in sensitive production processes, such as semiconductor fabrication, require certified, consistent, ultra-high purity raw materials, to ensure maximum product yield.  The wide dynamic range, and versatility of MIRICO’s Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy make it an ideal solution for numerous applications within the specialty gas industry.

The Dispersion Spectrometer RangeMIRICO’S advanced Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy approach is applied within our LDS 100 range for both open path and in-situ measurements. The technique utilises a continuous differential measurement technique which significantly improves accuracy and precision in measurement as effects arising from drifts in the systems operation are statistically minimised. Furthermore, the dispersion approach offers completely linear response over a wide range of concentrations, thereby significantly enhancing range of measurement and calibration.

Our laser dispersion spectroscopy technique enables ultra high sensitivity in demanding environments, making it highly suitable for a variety of demanding process applications where real time trusted answers are required, applications include;

  • Continuous emission monitoring
  • Process analytical gas analysis
  • Trace contaminant detection