TDL Sensors Ltd/ ENVEA

TDL Sensors Ltd/ ENVEA

Laser Gas Monitors for Process Monitoring - Monitoring and Testing

Environnement S.A Laser Gas Monitors are compact, convenient to install and operate and have very low running costs making them an excellent choice for almost every measurement situation. The choice of gases available and the analyser configurations are suitable for a range of applications such as: 

  • Process analysis and control – cross duct, CO, HCl, HF O2, NH3, NOx

  • Combustion monitoring and control – cross duct, O2, CH4, CO and CO2

  • Pipeline composition – extractive, cross duct - H20, H2S

  • Atmospheric monitoring – extractive, portable, CO, NOx, CH4 (greenhouse gas),

  • Emissions monitoring and control – cross duct, extractive – HCl, H2O, CO, NH3

  • Gas line leak detection – portable, CH4

  • Landfill monitoring – portable, CH4, H2S