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LIMS Solutions for Metals, Mining & Mineral - Mining - Minerals

Companies involved in mineral extraction, metal work and other mining activities have recently begun to understand the necessity for controlling their processes with robust testing, monitoring and process risk assessments. While many laboratories in this sector still run Excel sheets for data management, others understand the role of LIMS for measuring staff safety, improving productivity and adhering to regulation.

Customers of Autoscribes fully configurable LIMS for the metals and mining industries benefit from:

  • Minimising exposure to humans and environment of dangerous materials
  • Providing improved value to shareholders
  • Saving time through automation of laboratory processes
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving compliance with stringent regulations
  • Monitoring the quality of mining output

LIMS are vital for ensuring the future effectiveness of the mining industry as a whole. By controlling environmental and work safety standards (in accordance with compliance regulations) organisations can balance the profitability of operations while still preserving the environment and staff safety on site. Data integrity and security can be assured as all changes to data must be authorised and recorded, only users with the relevent permission rights can gain access to secure data. Without a robust and adaptable information management system in place it is almost impossible to provide traceability, transparency and accuracy of data for management and auditing.