Autoscribe Informatics

LIMS Solutions for the Chemical, Petro-chemical & Oil Industries - Oil, Gas & Refineries

It is vitally important for today’s Petro-Chemical and Oil manufacturing industries to control the cost efficiency of their operations for investor interests and environmental impact equally.  Their laboratories are central to controlling production and most importantly need to provide accurate, transparent and traceable data. All production processes and product quality must adhere to stringent manufacturing regulations; therefore it has become more and more apparent that LIMS are the only way of controlling the manufacturing of Oils and Petro-Chemicals.

Ensuring products are safe and adhere to strict specifications are a role of the laboratory. Traditional management of information such as spread-sheets left open the possibility for inefficiency and potential dangers when working with controlled substances.  Managing these processes and work flows with LIMS has now become an industry standard as organisations look to cut costs through automating the production process and keeping a tight grip on quality control for external auditing.

Autoscribes Petro-Chemical LIMS is assisting a number of Large Oil and Gas companies to ensure best practises are met and the costs cut during the manufacturing and production of fuels. Autoscribe addresses the needs of the Oil and petrol industry with functionalities such as:

  • Store, manage and track all relevant documentation
  • Integration with analytical and testing instruments
  • Batch and single sample management
  • Desktop and web based access

Importantly Autoscribes LIMS comes as a completely configurable solution without complex custom coding required. You can adapt the system to meet the specific needs and complex specification of your organisation.