Spectro Scientific

Machine condition monitoring for lubricant & additive manufacturers - Environmental


Many large oil companies are Spectro Scientific customers because they employ oil analysis not only to monitor their own equipment in refineries, tankers, and pipelines, but they monitor their own blended lubricant products and also frequently provide oil analysis services to customers who buy their lubricants. Many industrial and transportation companies receive oil analysis services from their lubricant supplier.

Quite often, lubricant suppliers send their samples to commercial laboratories that “private label” the oil analysis reports for lubricant company customers. Lubricant suppliers provide some of the largest oil analysis programs, but the actual analytical work is performed by a commercial laboratory under contract to the lubricant supplier.

Lubricant manufacturers and distributors want to add value to their business. Instead of simply selling lubricants to customers, they want to add value by supporting the customers with ongoing oil analysis. Spectro Scientific’s products are specifically designed for oil analysis as opposed to many other generic laboratory tools. This enables faster analysis and response time which in turn enables higher machinery uptime and fewer equipment failures for the end user of the lubricants.