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Machine condition monitoring for municipalities - Environmental


Cities and towns are often responsible for maintaining critical assets such as water and wastewater treatment facilities and power generation plants. Oil analysis on this critical equipment as part of a robust maintenance program is a very cost effective way of failure avoidance. Additionally, greater emphasis on environmental conservation and a focus on delivering critical services while operating under reduced budgets leads municipalities to activate these programs. Spectro oil analysis solutions are used by many municipalities to monitor treatment plant gearboxes and backup diesel generators, and avoid costly lubrication mixups.

Examples of equipment monitored:

  • Emergency Backup generators
  • Wastewater pumps and gearboxes
  • Pump station air compressors
  • Power plants

In addition to oil analysis, municipalities often need to measure FOG for industrial wastewater and water entering public water treatment plants. Spectro Scientific offers this simplified procedure for monitoring FOG discharges to help customers avoid fines or regulators to catch high FOG discharges that can result in sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). In most cases, treatment plants are forced to wait for days or even weeks before receiving off-site laboratory results. Now, they can have results in a mere 15 minutes. 

Municipal water and wastewater plants, along with other municipal services typically run on a very tight budget. The costs of laboratory oil analysis and changing oil in expensive equipment can be quite large. Bringing oil analysis in house cuts down on testing costs. It also enables extending the drain interval on oil changes for expensive pieces of equipment. Without frequent testing, most municipalities change the oil on a time-based schedule according to the OEM's recommendations. This can lead to more frequent oil changes than necessary. On site testing allows you to change the oil only when necessary saving on operating expenses without sacrificing reliablity. 

FOG - It's difficult to monitor a waste stream for regulatory compliance if you have to wait days or weeks to receive test results from a laboratory. With the InfraCal2, a sample can be taken and tested in just a few minutes to get results in a timely manner. 

The InfraCal 2 Analyzer is a compact, lightweight and battery operated, making it an ideal solution for operating in the range of ambient conditions typically found in field environments. The measurement by infrared absorption makes use of the fact that hydrocarbons such as fats, oils, and grease are extracted from wastewater or soil through the use of an appropriate solvent.