Baymag Inc.

Magnesium oxide solutions for industrial sector - Water and Wastewater - Chemical Water Treatment

Baymag offers magnesium oxide products for a wide range of industrial applications. These products are specifically designed to meet the needs of the intended processes or end use. Consistent high-purity, controlled reactivity, and product uniformity are an integral part of product design and production.

Common uses of Baymag magnesium oxide products in industrial applications include the following:

  • Pulp and Paper: Production of magnesium bisulphite pulping liquors.
  • Magnesium Compounds: A source of magnesium for the production of magnesium salts such as sulfates (Epsom salts), nitrates, acetates, chlorides, etc. Also used in the production of magnesium metal and alloys.
  • Building Compounds & Specialty Cements: Magnesium oxide is a component in magnesia-based cements, including oxychloride, oxysulfate and phosphate based cements. These cements are typically used in the production of fireproof materials and coatings, wallboards, flooring and grinding wheels.
  • Steel and Nickel Refining: Slag conditioner for protection of Mag-Carbon refractories.
  • Fiberglass: A source of magnesium in the feedstock for the production of fiberglass.
  • Miscellaneous Industrial Processes: Magnesium oxide is used in various industrial processes as a pH modifier and precipitant. It also has a myriad of applications as a filler, desiccant, absorbent and flocculent.