Fugro EMU Limited

Fugro EMU Limited

Marine envrionmental solutions for public sector organisations - Government

Fugro EMU Limited has extensive experience in working closely with public sector organisations concerned with the marine and coastal environment. A number of projects have been carried out on behalf of marine regulatory organisations and government departments, including specialised geophysical and ecological surveys, technical reports and provision of expert advice. This work covers a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Provision of Guiding Principles for Environmental Assessment
  • Appraising Marine Social and Economic Data Sets
  • Provision of Technical Advice
  • Revision of Conservation Regulations
  • Dedicated Testing, Survey and Characterisation Work for Public Sector Organisations

Furthermore, Fugro EMU has been involved in the development of guidance for public sector organisations on behalf of industry, working with organisations such as the UK Crown Estate, Cefas, Natural England, English Heritage and the Marine Management Organisation.

Examples of work for the public sector include:

  • Provision of Water Quality Sampling and Testing on Behalf of a Range of Public Sector Organisations
  • Survey Work for the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency
  • Ecological Characterisation Surveys and Interpretation for UK Statutory Conservation Bodies
  • Provision of Technical Advice on Marine Environmental Policy and Protection Measures
  • Working with UK Marine Regulatory Authorities in Providing Guidance on Monitoring Requirements for Offshore Wind Farms

Fugro EMU also works closely with relevant regulatory agencies in terms of adherence to relevant regulatory requirements in survey and environmental monitoring operations, as well as more widely on behalf of a range of marine industries.  Through the consultancy department, for example, Fugro EMU has extensive experience in working alongside industry bodies and organisations in determining approaches to environmental assessment and consenting of marine projects, for industries such as offshore renewables and marine aggregates.  

Fugro EMU also has extensive experience in designing and conducting ecological and oceanographic surveys in consultation with organisations such as Cefas and other national statutory nature conservation bodies, to fulfil requirements of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and other similar nature conservation regulations.