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Markthal: Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage - Energy - Energy Utilities

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The iconic Markthal in Rotterdam. Supply of unique 0.4mm vertical slot PVC screen for the Aquifer Thermal Storage Energy system at Markthal, a 95,000m2 residential and commercial building with an indoor market hall.

LOCATION    Rotterdam

PRODUCT     Boode Select PVC Screen and Casing including casing with a unique vertical slot size of 0.4mm.  


Opened on 1st October 2014, Markthal Rotterdam is a completely new concept, a hybrid between market hall and housing. The Markthal is a unique horseshoe shaped arch with a 11,000m(118,403 sq ft) mural covering the inside of the arch.  The main purpose of the building is to house the market in the 120m (394ft) long space below the 40m (131ft) high arch. The arch houses 228 apartments, each with a view either towards the river Maas or the Laurens Church, and inwards overlooking the market. The space accommodates 96 fresh food stalls and shop units, with parking for 1,200 cars below it. The whole building has an area of 95,000m2 (1,022,571 sq ft) and is 70m (230ft)  wide.

A huge mural covers the inside of the arch. The 11,000 sq m (118,403 sq ft) artwork, called Cornucopia, was created by artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam and depicts oversized images of fruits, flowers and other goods which can be bought in the market. The image was rendered by Pixar software in order to achieve the desired level of sharpness.

The entire utility supply for the Markthal is located underground and has been awarded a BREEAM Very Good rating for its energy efficiency.  An Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage is used to heat up & cool down the large Markthal and its apartments as well as a number of adjacent buildings in the surrounding area. The reduction of CO2 emissions is approximately 35%.

The hydrogeological conditions included fine sand issues and therefore the contractor chose Boode to achieve a screen slot size of 0.4 mm, the smallest vertical slot sizes available for this diameter. The contractors installed:

  • 60m Boode Select PVC casing (315 x 290 mm) for the pumping chambers
  • 2 Reducer (315 x 250 mm)
  • 304m Boode Select PVC casing (250 x 230 mm)
  • 116m Boode Select PVC screen (250 x 230 mm) with a unique slot size of 0.4 mm to cope with the fine sand.

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage System

  • Number of wells: 2 (1 x warm well and 1 x cold well)
  • Average depth of well: 240 m
  • Drilled diameter borehole: 600 mm
  • Flow rate: 120 m3 /well
  • Licence m3/year: 1.320.000 m3
  • Pump: 120 m3 / well
  • Capacity heat exchange: 2234 kW (2 x 1117 kW)