Measurement and control systems for the heat & steam technology - Energy

Reduction of perating costs: The increased energy costs over the last years have made investments towards heat recovery solutions not only cost effective but profitable. With the support and input of our employees and our technical know how, are improvements and solutions concerning heat recovery become feasible.

The boiler feed water is preheated before going into the steam boiler. Thismeans an approximate energy saving of about 5 to 8%.

Blow-down flash vessels

Duringthe expansion of the boiler lye and the blow-down water tank, large quantatiesof enery is released. We can use these heat quantities optimally by usingcondensors or repumping the steam back into the existing system.

Condensate network

In most of the existing facilities and installations,energy is commonly wasted from badly setup or lack of an recirculation system.Optimization or installation of such a system, would highly increase theoperating efficieny of a plant.

Condensate monitoring

The integration of a condensate monitoring systemen enables reduction of waste condensate and improvedquality of the condesate, this saves on expensive fresh water.

Please contact us for further information, or todiscuss with one of our reliable team members the economizing and modernizationsolutions available for you and your plant.

Consulting, engineering, service 

We can help you with the modernisation of an existing system and with the planning of new investments.

  • the addition of exhaust gas heat recyclers (economisers)
  • modernisation of deaerators and feed water tanks
  • reconstruction and mounting of boiler plants, according to pressure equipment directive 97/23/EG
  • reconstruction from steam to high temperature water operating
  • selection and construction of plant components
  • delivery of thermo technical plant components, installations, vessels and fittings and complete installation of mounting bases
  • comparison of investment cost and reduction of operating expense

You can rely on the know how and extensive experience of our employees.