Measurement and control systems for the Limiting the level - electronically - Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing

A distinction is made between low water (LW) and high water (HW) limiters. Whereas LW limiters are in principle required for the safe operation of a plant in accordance with European regulations, HW limitation (overfill protection) is required only in accordance with TRD 604 for 72-hour operation.

With electronic systems, electrodes are used as measuring devices. They use the electrical conductivity of the boiler water to detect whether the tip of the electrode pin is in the water or the steam space. Depending on the application, the electrodes are located in an attached housing outside the boiler drum or in a protective foam pipe inside the boiler. The measurement of the physical condition of the contents occurs between the tip of the electrode and the wall of the measurement vessel or protective pipe.

IGEMA level limiters conform with EC Directive 97/23/EC Annex VII (Module B+D1, Category IV) and the applied regulations TRD/AD2000 and Water Level 100.